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This part of the AE website is open to the public, so contact me if you'd like to share anything with the world!

Lt Col Shelley Rosenbaum Lipman, CAP
MAWG Director of AE

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FAPA.aero offers ​'F​uture ​Pilot Forum​s'​ for aspiring pilots of all ages. Next event Saturday, Mar 30, 2019. Registration is open for in person attendance and live stream for those who can't attend in person.​

FAPA’s ‘Future Pilot Forums’ offer a FREE informative, interactive event for students of all ages and their families interested in learning more about professional pilot careers. The event will be held Saturday, March 30th, from 1PM - 6PM in Las Vegas and via live stream.

The forums offer advice about loans, grants and scholarships as future pilots look to finance an aviation education and will also address the long-term employment projections for future professional pilots.

Parents, guardians and school counselors are welcome to attend and should also register if attending. Anyone interested in attending either in person or for the live stream must register online at FAPA.aero/FuturePilot.